Site Credits

Company branding, blog design and development by Stephanie Creekmur. While I am extremely flattered with the branding inquiries that have come in, I am not currently taking on any new custom design projects.

Angelique Ink | Angi is the hand lettering genius behind my beautiful logo. I had made changes to the look of my business a lot in my first few years, but all along I knew I wanted a hand lettered logo. I wanted something that was completely mine, and that could not be copied or recreated by simply downloading the same font. She was so patient and really listened to all of my wants, needs, and concerns. The end result is something better than I could have ever imagined and it is the perfect face for the Stephanie Creekmur brand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Angi! Angelique Ink is also responsible for the calligraphy phrases on each information page!

Nixon Photography | Michelle and Ali from Nixon photography shot my first photoshoot and I am so grateful to them. I was so nervous before it started and they made me feel completely at ease and helped me pose so I looked natural and unposed in the photographs. The weather didn't cooperate like I had hoped, but the images turned out beautiful thanks to them! If you are in the Southwest Ohio area and in need of a lifestyle or wedding photographer be sure to check them out!

Virula Imagery | Rebecca is responsible for the beautiful photos of my Southern sayin' note cards. I am so thankful she used her talent on my products and I love how they fit in perfectly with the rest of the site. If you are in the Middle Tennessee area, check her out!

Ashlee Williams | Ashlee helped me style a number of my products for the listing photos. I'm so thankful not only for her talent but for her support. She has been on of my biggest cheerleaders through this whole journey! Thank you, Ashlee! If you are in the Middle Tennessee area and are looking for an interior designer or event stylist, look her up! You won't regret it!

Andrew Pritchett | Andy has been a HUGE help and this site could have not happened the way I envisioned it without him. He took my design and made it functional! Thank you Andy for putting up with my perfectionist driven "tweaks" and for keeping me grounded through this experience!

Tonka Park | I purchased a very basic template with "good bones" from Tonka Park and it gave me a great starting point for what you now see.