college - 6/10/2010

The End Has Finally Come

FINALLY ! I am actually supposed to be studying right now, but I just can't get myself to focus! My last final of my college career is ...

blog feature - 6/09/2010

Calligraphy Stamps | Primele

I absolutely love these calligraphy stamps from the etsy shop Primele . I'm really thinking abou...

jesus' love - 6/03/2010

I am Second - Colt McCoy

I love this video. Not only is Colt McCoy absolutely delicious, but the message is powerful! Check out the I am Second website to see m...

news - 6/01/2010

New Vaccine Could Eliminate Breast Cancer?

So apparently, there has been a new revelation in breast cancer research! A doctor from the Cleveland Clinic claims that he has developed a...

college - 6/01/2010

Na Na Na Na... Hey June

Like my take on the song 'Hey Jude' from The Beatles . With my little change I felt it was appropriate since we're saying hello ...



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